About Scott Goering

Scott Goering is a San Francisco mediator and 19-year member of the California Bar (having worked primarily in family law and civil litigation). In addition, he is accredited by the California State Bar as a Child Welfare Law Specialist. Also, he has been a residential property manager for over 20 years. As an associate broker with a major San Francisco real estate firm, he has previously helped buy and sell real estate in San Francisco.


Scott has a warm, friendly presence and can quickly establish a rapport with people from all walks of life. His thoughtful questioning will prompt clients to think more clearly about their choices. He has seen first-hand the losses of time, money, and emotional energy that can accompany litigation and works with clients to keep it as a last resort.

Scott serves on numerous Bay Area mediation panels and has studied mediation under multiple Bay Area teachers, including Ron Kelly, Nancy Foster, and Community Boards.

Scott regularly makes presentations regarding mediation and other issues pertinent to conflict resolution. Contact Scott today to schedule a time for him to present to your group.

“There is far greater satisfaction—both to me as a mediator and the parties I work with—in people creating their solutions rather than giving themselves to chance, trusting a judge or an arbitrator who doesn’t know them. The satisfaction from creating one’s solution—or at least one that you helped create—pays far greater dividends in the long run. And, if it helps save money and emotional turmoil, all the better.”

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