Fee Schedule

Scott Goering has an hourly rate of $300, with a two-hour minimum of $600. The deposit is paid before the mediator commences work on the case. While there are no administrative or set-up fees, up to one hour may be used to review any mediation briefs or interview parties before the mediation begins. Unless agreed otherwise by the parties, all charges will be split evenly by all parties to the mediation. Fees are calculated in quarter-hour increments. If there are more than two parties to the conflict, the hourly rates increase to $360 per hour, again with a two-hour minimum.

Scott may be available to travel to mediation sites outside San Francisco at a $150/hour travel rate.

Scott is happy to make his own San Francisco conference space available for mediation at no charge. However, if necessary, the clients pay for any alternate space rental, at approximately $45-$90/hour, depending on the parties needs.

Cancellation Policy

Mediation clients who cancel less than 72 hours before the scheduled time will forfeit their $600 deposit.

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